Our semi-trailers

Features of our semi-trailers

Standard features

  • Hot-dip galvanised ECOVRAC chassis.
  • Trough chain conveyor extraction system: tough, no maintenance.​​
  • V-shaped hatches for easy unloading of all types of food.​
  • IVRAC automated unloading system to ensure traceability.​
  • ECOFAN cleaning system.

We customise your equipment

  • Choice of axle configurations.​
  • Auxiliary motor or central tractor engine.
  • Blower system for emptying with performance up to 30 tonnes per hour depending on the model.​
  • Choice of boxes or hose compartments.​
  • Centralised greasing.​
  • With bag compartment or all-bulk version.​
  • Screw or suction intake.

Please contact us for more information.