Onboard delivery system :

The IVRAC module
This is an onboard system for automating traceability and geolocation. It is available on our semi-trailers and our straight trucks. It is an innovation exclusive to ECOVRAC. The IVRAC module complies with the IP67 standard.

IVRAC features
IVRAC is simple and intuitive for the driver to use. It controls all the simple and advanced functions in manual mode (screw, lock, compressor, drainage).

  • Maintenance mode helps keep the vehicle running smoothly.
  • It provides full traceability for unloading and cleaning operations.
  • GSM enables trucks to be located and monitored live.

Onboard disinfection system :

Tyre and mudflap disinfection nozzles

  • Spraying of all elements in contact with the ground.
  • Nozzles resistant to mechanical and chemical wear
  • Heated 600-litre tanks
  • Integration into semi-trailers and straight trucks
  • Controlled by IVRAC via an app for Android tablets
  • Traceability report included in IVRAC