The brand of your bulk equipment La marque de vos équipements vrac

ECOVRAC designs and manufactures tanks designed for the bulk transport of livestock feed.

For more than 50 years, we have been perfecting our equipment: Performance, Reliability and Quality.

We have total control over the design and all stages of the manufacturing process in order to guarantee the robustness and reliability of our products.
Our equipment continuously benefits from technical improvements to meet your needs.

Reliability of our products

Our equipment is recognised for its longevity. Each component is selected for its performance and quality.

100% made in France.

Design expertise

As the sector evolves, our teams design new options for our equipment. Every project is unique.

We manufacture all our equipment ourselves.

Service expertise

After-sales service is provided by our skilled and experienced team.

We provide telephone service throughout the lifetime of your equipment. Spare parts are available and dispatched quickly.