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Bulk animal feeding: Semi-trailers with 3 axles

Our semi-trailers benefit from ECOVRAC’ know-how: Innovation, methodology, rigour and seeking of maximum continuously improved performance. The achievement of your equipment offers each year to our team, the opportunity to meet your quality of customization for reliable and long-lasting equipment.

Advantages of our semis

  • Aluminum tanks from 47 to 54m3
  • Selection of the number of compartments (from 6 to 9)
  • Different axles’ configurations: stationary axle, steering axle, roll axle
  • Large opening for loading of products
  • Special frames in aluminum ECOVRAC

ECOVRAC, many innovative advantages and exclusive options.

Our cleaning system : Ecofan Our frames : designed and manufacturing by Ecovrac Our tank : compact and modular Control panel and remote control : easy and ergonomic Discharge : extraction with chain transporter or auge Our safety components and available options

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ECOVRAC brochure (PDF – 4 Mo)
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