Operatuer Qualifie UTAC

Bulk animal feeding : Carriers 19T, 26T, 32T

Our controlling design and all the steps for manufacturing ensure the achievement of carriers according to quality customization requirements, for a reliable and long-lasting product, benefitting from the latest successful innovations for an improvement of your profitability.

Advantages of our carriers :

  • Aluminum tanks from 20 to 38 m3
  • From 4 to 8 bulk compartments (made to measure)
  • Bodybuilding on all kinds of carrier, personalized study (from 19T to 32T)
  • Extraction with chain transporter or auger
  • Discharge system with auger and/or blower system
  • Mechanisms driven by the power take-off gear of the carrier

ECOVRAC, many innovative advantages and exclusive options.

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ECOVRAC brochure (PDF – 4 Mo)

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