Operatuer Qualifie UTAC

ECOVRAC is being manufacturing your bulk transport for 50 years.

ECOVRAC is being designing and manufacturing your equipments for bulk transport for 50 years now. Innovation, methodology and seeking maximum performance are the keystones of the brand ECOVRAC. The quality of each equipment is a high proof of our organization and warehouse efficiencies. Our engineers, welders, boilermakers, mechanics, water engineers, electricians and bodywork painters’ team help us to manufacture high degree of reliable equipments according to your needs.

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Control of all stages of manufacturing

High technology industrial tool. Responsive to the needs. System method.

Controlling design

Complete know-how. 3D design for the frame and the tank, boiler making, painting.

Controlling services

Service efficiency. Skilled and experienced professional workers. Recognized and mastered follow-up.

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ECOVRAC brochure (PDF – 4 Mo)

Tél. +33 (0)2 96 25 00 03 Fax +33 (0)2 96 25 00 22 contact@ecovrac.fr